Betting with the Tote

Tote betting is available at all Jockey Club Racecourses nationwide. You can bet with the Tote at branded selling points throughout the racecourse or with totepool representatives carrying hand-held devices, such as in hospitality areas.

Unlike racecourse bookmakers (see Betting with Racecourse Bookmakers) who offer you odds – or prices – for betting on each horse in a race, the Tote offers you a pool bet. This means it pools together the money it receives from bets on a given race and, similar to the National Lottery, shares this out among customers with winning tickets.

That means that the fewer people who bet on your horse compared to others in the race, the greater the percentage of the pool you will receive if it wins!

Look out for Tote screens displaying the odds you would receive for your bet if the race was to start at that point. This will change right up until the race begins.

The Tote has a minimum bet of £2. Other bookmakers vary, but if they have a minimum this will be clearly displayed. If in doubt, just ask them.

You may find useful this short film on Betting with the Tote (courtesy of Great British Racing):

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