Sometimes situated within the Parade Ring, the Winners’ Enclosure is the place where winning and placed horses are reunited with their proud owners. Here, the winning owner, trainer and jockey are awarded with trophies by the VIP guests or sponsors.

Unplaced racehorses do not go to the Winners’ Enclosure, but are instead unsaddled and taken back to the stables to be washed down after a race. This is referred to as the Unsaddling Enclosure at some racecourses.

Can I go to the Winners’ Enclosure?

Yes! Although spectators are not allowed to enter the Winners’ Enclosure itself, it is possible to watch what is happening from the outside and see the winner up-close.

After enjoying the victorious return of jockeys and placed racehorses in the Winners’ Enclosure, spectators usually begin preparing for the next race and can stay around the Parade Ring to try to pick a winner.

What do winning and placed jockeys do after the race?

After each race is finished, the winning and placed jockeys need to return with their saddles to the Weighing Room to make sure that the weight they are carrying is the same as it was before the race – only after that can they be presented with their trophies in the Winners’ Enclosure.

This means that, as stipulated by the British Horseracing Authority (BHA), access between the Winners’ Enclosure and the Weighing Room at British racecourses must be easy to ensure that the post-race process is as smooth as possible.

Who else is allowed into the Winners’ Enclosure?

The teams closely associated with the winners, including the stable staff, are allowed in with the horses, but you will sometimes see photographers and other media personnel allowed in for the purposes of press coverage.

How popular is horseracing?

What is the Parade Ring?

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