Dressing for the races

The type of ticket you have bought normally determines what you need to wear to the races. It’s worth checking with the racecourse before you go as each track has its own dress code.

However, as a rule, most premier or hospitality tickets recommend a ‘smart casual’ dress code, with no ripped jeans or sportswear. For other tickets the dress code is often much more relaxed with little or no rules on what to wear.

What to wear for the Jumps

Generally, if you’re going Jump racing the crowd is more casual than if you attend a summer Flat racing event. As most Jump meetings take place through colder months, often the dress code is simply ‘dress for the weather’. You will see that a lot of the crowd will wear tweed and hats – even the men!

What to wear for the Flat

During Flat racing fixtures, particularly busy weekend events during the summer, you’ll be more likely to see ladies in hats and fascinators. Although this is only obligatory at a handful of fixtures.

What is the going?

Where can I go on the racecourse?

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