Finding your way around

If it is your first visit to a racecourse, there is so much that happens that it can take a bit of time to find your bearings.

The first thing to remember is that the type of ticket you buy determines which areas you can use, but this should be made plain when you buy a ticket.

Which areas are restricted at the races?

All racecourses will have areas that are exclusively reserved for racehorse owners and trainers. Other restricted places are those deemed ‘integrity’ areas by the sport’s regulator, the British Horseracing Authority (BHA). These will include the stables and the Weighing Room and members of the public aren’t allowed in them.

It’s also not possible to enter the Winners’ Enclosure as a spectator during your time at the races, as this is reserved for the staff associated with the horses and any approved media personnel, but you will be able to watch the proceedings from the outside.

All tickets will give access to somewhere to buy refreshments and place a bet – you can check your racecourse’s map to find out where to go to find these beforehand, but they will be signposted around the racecourse itself on the day, too.

Am I allowed on the racecourse track itself?

Only those associated with horses at the races, such as jockeys, trainers and owners, as well as officials and stewards are allowed onto the course so the surface can be protected for the horses.

Some racecourses require attendees to cross a certain part of the track to get to viewing areas inside, but this is regulated by stewards to ensure that there is no disruption to the racing action.

What to wear

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