Finding your way around

If it is your first visit to a racecourse, there is so much to do it can take time to find your bearings.

The first thing to remember is that the type of ticket you buy determines which areas you can use, so check with the racecourse to find out what is included.

Most racecourses have two or three enclosures, which allow you access to different areas. As a rule, the more expensive the ticket; the greater access you’ll have to different facilities.

If your ticket is a grandstand or premier ticket (or equivalent – some tracks name their enclosures after noteworthy people or horses) you’ll have access to at least one viewing grandstand as well as bars, various food outlets and places to bet. You’ll also have access to view the horses in the Parade Ring before each race.

All racecourses will have areas exclusively for racehorse owners and trainers – who are in essence providing the day’s entertainment – such as a bar and viewing facilities. Other restricted places are those deemed ‘integrity’ areas by the sport’s regulator, the British Horseracing Authority. These will include the stables and the weighing room.

All tickets will give access to somewhere to buy refreshments and place a bet, although for some tickets, such as picnic enclosures, the options might be limited.

The Parade Ring explained

Infographic #2: Spectators

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