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Betting at the races can take many different forms. One of the most popular ways to bet is with the Tote. Before you decide where to place your money, read on to find out what it is and how it works:

What is the Tote?

The Tote essentially works in a similar way to the lottery. Punters pick their horses and put their money into a cumulative pool – everyone with a winning ticket shares a percentage of the pot. If fewer people backed your horse, you will get a greater share if it wins.

How does it work?

The Tote screens around the racecourse display odds for the next race, which can change right up until they start.

Once you’ve made your selection, choose your stake, place your bet by saying the number of the horse and cross your fingers. The total of all the bets received for a given race will be shared amongst the punters with the winning tickets.

Where can I find the Tote?

Tote betting is available at all Jockey Club Racecourses nationwide. You can bet with the Tote at branded selling points throughout the racecourse or with totepool representatives carrying hand-held devices – these can often be found in hospitality areas.

Here’s a short guide to Betting with the Tote, courtesy of Great British Racing:

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