Most betting operators allow you to sign up to bet with them on their websites and through their mobile apps. This way, you are able to view runners and riders and bet on your selections trackside. Any winnings will be automatically credited to your online betting account.

Can I get live odds on the racecourse via my mobile?

You should be able to see live odds on your mobile via any major app, but given that many of Britain’s racecourses are based away from town and city centres, it may be dependent on whether or not your data connection is good enough. Many racecourses, including those owned by The Jockey Club, have WiFi available.

It might actually be quicker to get live odds from the bookmakers at the racecourse instead.

How to bet in person at the races

If you decide not to go down the digital route, you can still opt for the traditional way of betting on horses with cash at the racecourse bookmakers in the betting ring.

Each racecourse will probably have betting shops run by one of the major bookmakers, so you can get live odds and help from the staff if you need it. You can also ask them about their mobile apps and see if there is a sign-up offer available.

Understanding odds

You can gain a better understanding of the odds of a race before it begins in our guide here. This will help you make a more informed decision if you want to place a bet through your mobile or tablet on racedays.

How to place a bet

How to bet with racecourse bookmakers

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