All about the basics

For many people, having a bet – or flutter – is part of the theatre and excitement of a day at the races. But it can be an intimidating  experience until you get used to it. Here is a simple guide to placing a bet.

You only need to do five things to place a bet at the racecourse:

  1. Select your favoured horse(s) from the list of runners and riders and note their name(s) and number(s).
  2. Decide the amount – or stake – you are comfortable to bet with.
  3. Choose the type of bet you would like to place.
  4. Decide which betting operator you are going to place your bet with.
  5. Tell the betting operator the horse’s number, the amount you want to bet and the type of bet eg “Number 5, £5 each-way”

Remember that some racecourse bookmakers might have a minimum amount you can bet (known as a stake).

Once you have placed your bet, hold on to your printed ticket – or betting slip – as if you win you have to hand this over to collect your winnings!

What to do if you win

After a race the winning and placed horses walk into the winners enclosure. Jockeys dismount and return to the Weighing Room complex to weigh in with their kit and saddle.

Once this is completed to the satisfaction the raceday officials you will hear “Weighed in, weighed in!” Broadcast over the tannoy. At this point the result of the race is official.

Simply hand over your betting slip to the betting operator you placed your bet with and you will receive your winnings! If you bet online, your account should be credited automatically.

Before the result of the race is officially announced, if raceday officials – stewards – think a problem may have occurred in the race that could see its result changed they may call a “Stewards Enquiry” over the tannoy system. Once completed the placings will be announced!


Having a bet is not compulsory; the choice is entirely up to you and you should only ever bet what you can afford!

If you bet with a bookmaker or The Tote, keep hold of your ticket as you’ll need it to collect any winnings!


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