Every racehorse racing in Britain has a dedicated trainer who prepares it to race.

They may have been asked to train a particular horse by its owner, or have bought the horse at auction and sold it to someone interested in having a horse with that trainer. Sometimes trainers own a horse they train themselves either with a view to selling it or because they are attached to that horse.

Racehorse trainers make the day-to-day decisions on how a horse is cared for, including its exercise schedule, diet and grooming.

They are also responsible for deciding which races a horse will enter to give it the best chance of success – often in conjunction with the horse’s owner or their expert representatives – and keeping owners informed about horses’ progress.

At the races, trainers oversee their horses’ final preparations and advise jockeys on the tactics they should use to get the best performance from the horse. Before deciding on these race tactics, sometimes trainers walk the course before racing to make their own assessments of the track conditions and any area or channel of ground where jockeys may be able to gain an advantage.

Running a training yard – or stables – also means trainers are the owners of small to medium-sized businesses, which often means managing a large group of people who each play a crucial role in the racing career of horses in their care.

Fast Fact

  • There is a Champion Trainer title for both Flat and Jump racing, it is decided by the amount of prize money won.

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